As mountain bikers, we have a list of dream builds in the back of your minds. Every detail is sorted out, from the gauge of the spokes to the carefully selected bottle cage. Colours are matched and contrasted. Parts are carefully chosen, mixing mainstream brands and fringe fetishes, sometimes in unlikely ways. We dream of these bikes and think: one day. Some day.

For most of us, these builds remain dreams. After all, complete bikes are pretty damn good these days. But we still can’t get enough bike checks of unique builds and we all drool over anything out of the ordinary. This is the stuff that feeds our imaginations.

Devinci’s Dream Lab is a place dedicated to the love of the build. It’s where our customer service guru, Danny Hebert, will put together one-off bikes for athletes and staff. The builds will be shared with the world and then thrashed on the trail, as you do. So, if you’re looking for a bit of bicycle inspiration, check out what the Dream Lab is cooking up.

Thanks to the Dream Lab's partners:

Unior Bike Tools // @uniorbiketools

Maxima Racing Oils // @maximausa