Keeping up with the tradition, here's a compilation of some of our best footage of 2022. 

Best of - Bike Photography

Bike Photography being one of our personal favorite, we decided to gather our top 3 favorite bike shoots of 2022. Just be aware, some of the images below might make you want to upgrade components of your bike. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Georgia Astle's Cavalry Blue Troy


A match made in heaven. When the Cavalry Blue Troy Carbon meets the flaming Factory Orange of the Fox 36 Fork. Fully tricked out, this bike seems to fit in the ‘dream build’ theme pretty well! 

Photos : Bastien Major // @Basmajor

Devinci Global Racing's Fire Coral Spartan HP

Our Enduro rider's official rig for the 2022 season. Kitted with Next R, Vault and Turbine components this is without a doubt a unique take on the Spartan HP. Should this color make it to production ? 

Photos : Boris Beyer // @maddogboris

Steve Smith's Wilson 29 Replica

Steve Smith was the first Canadian ever to claim the World Cup overall title, winning multiple races on his Wilson in 2013. It was a legendary season for race fans everywhere, especially here in Canada. We tragically lost Steve on May 10th 2016, but we’ll never forget him. To commemorate Stevie’s passing and to honour his legacy, we built this one-of-a-kind modern replica of his 2013 race bike for the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation.
The custom-painted 2022 Wilson 29 frame is built up with parts from @srammtb, @rockshox, @crankbrothers, @raceface, all put together from the tailgate of a truck. Steve loved trucks. Long Live Chainsaw.

Photos : Bastien Major // @Basmajor

Can’t wait to show you what 2023 is going to look like.