Another EWS weekend wrapped off yesterday!

For the 5th round of the 2022 series, the action was taking place on Burke Mountain in the small village of East Burke in Vermont. So cool to see the EWS back in the USA after more than 3 years.

Another great weekend for DGR – Greg finished with a solid 12th position – Getting closer to the top 10! He scored one Top 10 stage finish yesterday, on stage 3.

Evan finished 28th. After an eventful Pro-Stage with a couple of mistakes and a crash that placed him in 42nd after Day 1, Evan had a way better Day. He clawed his way back into the Top 30 in 28th place. We witnessed some incredibly tight racing in Burke and the fans loved it. An excellent and passionate crowd followed along all day on all stages.

Greg is now sitting 13th in the series overall and Evan is 26th. Greg’s goal is to finish in the Top 10 overall while Evan’s is to finish in the Top 20. Still doable for both!

Geo is now travelling to meet with the rest of the crew for EWS Sugarloaf. The full squad is coming back together for this coming weekend’s race in Sugarloaf, Maine.