The past weekend’s race was happening in Crans-Montana, in the Swiss Alps! Really nice venue. On the start list for DGR this week were Evan Wall and Greg Callaghan. Georgia Astle decided to not come to this last EWS block of the year after she aggravated her ankle injury at the Proving Grounds freeride event last week. She really needed to give her ankle some proper time to heal. This is an injury that she has been dragging since Whistler Crankworx.


What started as a great race with big expectations turned into a difficult weekend for our 2 riders. Evan and Greg were feeling amazing on the fast, loose, and dusty stages.

Bikes were mint, tires were tracking and life was good! Unfortunately, during Pro Stage, Evan had a big fall. He got ejected from his bike in a high-speed corner and (quoting him) he did ‘’a huge 10’ x 10’ fall straight in the ditch’’.

Some key components of the bike did not survive the crash. Evan finished 143rd on that stage. No injury, he got lucky!

It was going to be a mission to claw back up some spots after such a time costly crash. He did what he could on Day 2 with better stage results, but he rode a bit less aggressively knowing his goal was clearly out of reach.

Funny story – On the last stage of the day, Stage 5, same track as the Pro Stage, exact same corner, Evan had the same exact crash and exact same mechanical. What are the odds!? Luckily, he’s not hurt. Again! – no injury – He was laughing and in good spirits after the race.

Greg had a better race. He finished 25th.

Not exactly what he was aiming for but still not a bad race. He had a crash on Stage 2 which left him with a sore left hand for the rest of Day 2 but battled through and finished this seventh round and held his head high.

Greg’s best stage result of that race was 25th during the Pro-Stage. Greg was happy with his riding but a bit disappointed by the result. He’s dropped one spot in the overall and now sits in 13th.