Words & Photos by Sean Cochran

In the realm of kids’ mountain bikes, the Devinci Ewoc FS stands out as a top contender, offering young riders a blend of performance, durability, and versatility. Designed for children in the 4’4”-4’11” range and with the same meticulous attention to detail as Devinci’s adult models, the Ewoc FS caters to aspiring young riders who crave adventure on the trails and looking for a bike that can grow with their skillset.



At the heart of the Devinci Ewoc FS lies its meticulously crafted, made-in-Canada, 6061-T6 aluminum frame, which is renowned for its durability and lightweight construction. Featuring 125mm of rear wheel travel, a slack 64.5* head angle, low standover height and efficient Split Pivot suspension system. The frame also features a lifetime warranty and durable powder coated finish to ensure it can withstand the abuse young kids put their bikes through.

The Ewoc comes spec’d with 24” wheels as standard, but is compatible with 26” wheels, which allows young riders to increase the size of the bike to fit them as they grow.


Devinci’s Split Pivot suspension system finds its way onto the Ewoc FS, offering the same premium performance for younger riders. Devinci modified the Split Pivot kinematics to offer characteristics that are best suited to smaller, lighter riders. A custom-tuned shock ensures that lighter riders are given the best possible performance.


The Ewoc FS is given aggressive geometry to offer kids the same stability and confidence as adult enduro riders seek. There’s an aggressive 64.5° Head Tube Angle, and fairly steep 76° seat tube to keep kids in a comfortable position to climb. A nice and short rear end and low standover height allow for agility and confidence to play on the trail.


Devinci offers the Ewoc FS in a single build offering, the SX 12s at $2,099.

Suspension: The Ewoc FS boasts a 140mm travel X-Fusion Velvet RL Air fork and XFusion O2 Pro RL rear shock, which are specifically tuned for lightweight riders.

Wheels and Tires: 24” V2 Comp rims with a 27mm internal width are laced up to Formula hubs, then wrapped with Kenda Amrak 24×2.4” tires to create a trail-worthy package.

Drivetrain: A reliable 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain is fitted, featuring a wide ratio to climb steep trails, and short 155mm cranks for a more confident stance on the bike.

Dropper Post: Devinci fitted a TranzX 100mm dropper post, to fit shorter riders and allow them to obtain clearance for the descents.

Brakes: Safety is paramount with kids bikes, and the Ewok FS doesn’t compromise in this aspect. With Promax DSK-926 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, young riders can modulate their speed with confidence, even in challenging conditions. These are fitted with short levers to fit smaller hands comfortably.

Whether cruising through flowing singletrack or tackling technical descents, if you are looking for a great kids mountain bike, the Devinci Ewoc FS delivers a ride experience that inspires and empowers. If you’re seeking a high-quality mountain bike for your aspiring young rider, the Devinci Ewoc FS undoubtedly deserves consideration. 

– Sean Cochran, The Loam Wolf


We put the Ewoc FS through multiple months of testing, under a range of kids from the age of nine to eleven and with varying skill sets.  During this testing, our riders continually came back with similar feedback, and most importantly big smiles.

Handling: One of the standout features of the Ewoc FS is its nimble handling. Thanks to its well-balanced geometry and responsive suspension, young riders were able to navigate tight turns and technical sections with ease, instilling confidence and fostering skill development.

Comfort: Mountain biking can be demanding, especially for young riders. The Ewoc FS’s suspension system effectively absorbs bumps and large impacts, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. This enabled our young riders to stay focused and enjoy their time on the trails for longer durations while tackling more challenging terrain.

Versatility: Whether riding cross-country trails, flow jump trails or exploring more technical terrain, the Devinci Ewoc FS rose to the occasion as a great kids mountain bike. Its versatile design allowed our young riders to adapt to different riding styles and environments, expanding their horizons and encouraging exploration into new terrain.

Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, the Ewoc FS prioritizes durability without compromising on performance. From its robust frame to its resilient components, every aspect of the bike is engineered to withstand the demands of enthusiastic young riders. This does come at the penalty of a slightly high overall weight, which lighter and less strong kids may struggle with, but for our testers it didn’t prove to take away from the enjoyment.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Many companies are putting a heavy focus on creating capable mountain bikes for kids these days and the Devinci Ewoc FS exemplifies the design, performance, and versatility of these bikes. With its lightweight aluminum frame, responsive suspension, and kid-friendly components, it offers young riders a platform to hone their skills and explore trails with confidence.

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