CyclingTips recently published their review of the 2020 Devinci Hatchet Carbon Rival. Why releasing the review of a 2020 bike when 2021 models are already rolling in the bikeshop's floors you will all ask? From the author's words: 

I’m sure, the COVID-19 pandemic (and a sudden switch to homeschooling) certainly tossed a big wrench into my work schedule, so finishing up this review took far, far longer than originally planned — so much so, in fact, that this model has already been replaced with an updated 2021 version, which is thankfully similar to what I tested. The upside, though? I was able to spend an awful lot of time on this thing, and certainly more than enough to see why so many of you clamored for us to cover it.

– James Huang, CyclingTips Reviewer

We reviewed a whole bunch of gravel bikes at a wide range of price points at our recent Gravel Bike Field Test, but we still left a ton more on the table. One of the bikes that was most requested by CT fans for us to review was the Devinci Hatchet Carbon — and now that I’ve spent the last few months on one, it’s easy to see why. It handles superbly, rides nicely, offers tons of tire clearance, it looks good, and is even pretty good value. Well done, Devinci.

There’s that classic saying about smart real estate purchases being all about location, location, location. We’re obviously talking about bikes here, not houses, but just like you can’t change where a house is built, you (usually) can’t alter a bike’s geometry or its overall personality. Based on that, the Devinci Hatchet Carbon is honestly one of my favorite gravel bikes I’ve tested in the last year — value category or otherwise — because it nails the most fundamental aspects of performance.

It’s not the flashiest, definitely not the lightest, and certainly not loaded with as much tech as some of the fancier machines I’ve ridden in the last few months. But it’s nevertheless one of the most entertaining bikes I rode this year, with superb geometry, an excellent frame worthy of later upgrades, and a solid build kit that gets the job done if you’d rather not bother.

The price is relatively easy to swallow, too, so all in all, I’d say this thing is a winner.

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