A word from The Loam Wolf |  As with all of our Dissected Featuresthis is not intended to be a long term review or endorsement of a product but is instead a chance for our viewers and readers to get a deep dive look into some of the newest tech and products in the mountain bike space. We thank Devinci for the opportunity to create this feature and offer a more in-depth look into the E-Troy electric mountain bike.

We are very aware at how fast the eMTB space is evolving.

– Bastien Major, Sports & Product Marketing Manager

 “Acknowledging how fast things are evolving, we decided rather than just updating the motor mounts in the frame, we should take the opportunity to bring production back to Canada and redesign the frame to offer a ride that is more in line with the Devinci MTB DNA,” Major continued.

So, what exactly was on Devinci’s to-do list when it came to redesigning the E-Troy? Let’s find out.


The Canadian-made E-Troy is a mixed-wheel specific 150mm rear travel all mountain eBike that is designed to have a much more playful and capable feel on the trail, and to be paired with a 160mm or 170mm fork. Devinci will offer three models of E-Troy starting at $6,399 USD ($7,799 CAD) and going up to $7,999 USD ($9,599 CAD). The flagship GX LTD model, which is the bike we have, differs in a few ways. What is shared by all three bikes however is the 85Nm Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit with its intelligent modes and the new Bosch 625Wh battery featuring 18650 cell technology. There is a PowerMore 250Wh range extender option as well and Devinci offers a 4A Supercharger, which is a high-output charger that claims to bring the main battery up to 80% in roughly two hours.

The E-Troy GX LTD model sports an additional 10mm of travel up front, making it the only model with 170mm up front and 150mm out back. Both the GX and Deore 12s models come with 160mm up front.

Other differences are found in the cockpit as the GX LTD boasts the latest tech from Bosch, specifically the new Smart System. The neatly integrated top tube display removes clutter on the bar and displays power mode and battery life in LED bars in the frame. On the handlebars, the GX LTD has the slim, efficient Bosch Mini Remote power switch.

While the GX and Deore models still come with the same battery and 85Nm Performance Line CX drive unit as the LTD, the GX has a Bosch Kiox controller and display to keep costs down a bit. Similarly, the Deore model comes with the Bosch Purion display and controller. Other changes in spec help keep these lifetime-warrantied, Canadian-manufactured frames as competitively priced as possible.


Cycles Devinci is one of the few brands still making bikes in North America, and we’re stoked to see that they reinvested in their Canadian made offering by bringing back the new E-Troy to be manufactured in-house. Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum, the E-Troy comes with a lifetime warranty, something long-haul bike owners will appreciate.

As we mentioned above, the last generation E-Troy was far from old, however Devinci admitted that it didn’t quite have the same “Ride DNA” that the rest of Devinci’s mountain bikes possess. They used the change to Bosch as a reason to re-examine the geometry and suspension kinematics overall and create an eMTB that better represented the brand from the welding table to the trailhead.

Built around a dedicated Mullet or mixed-wheel setup (29” front, 27.5” rear), the Devinci E-Troy now sports shorter chainstays at 438mm, meaning it’s a nimbler and more fun eMTB all around. Up front, reach lengths and head tube angles changed to stay with the times. Four sizes will be available with reaches from 445mm to 505mm, with our size large bike having a 485mm reach. The rest of the geometry is competitive with other offerings on the market and should make for a pretty neutral and crowd-pleasing ride.

Other frame features and integrations in this Boost 148 frame include internal cable routing, a rear dropout speed sensor, a removable battery; ISCG-05 tabs; a chainguide, and high-density chainstay protectors. Devinci gives the E-troy double-lip sealed Enduro bearings to stand the test of time; a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH), as well as a motor-mounted charge port.


Featuring a revised Split Pivot suspension design and custom-tuned shock, the new Devinci E-Troy has some of the same great qualities of their outgoing eMTB with a few improvements. By modifying the Split Pivot system, they’ve worked to better isolate the acceleration forces from the suspension’s movement while also remaining supple and sensitive over obstacles. Working in unison with the updated Split Pivot is a custom shock tune. The added weight of an eBike creates unique demands on a shock and the bike’s overall feel on the trail. By working with the suspension partners featured in their build kit offerings, the new E-Troy has rear dampers that are better tuned to balance the composure and sensitivity we like with the big-hit capabilities when it comes time to huck this heavy machine.


As with all of our Dissected Features, this is not intended to be an official review or long-term test, as we work with the brands to showcase new products in detail and get information out on them as quickly as availability allows. However, we will be keeping this bike for a thorough and official long-term review in the future months, so for now we’ll share our first thoughts and impressions of riding the bike while filming and creating this feature.

Something we’ve always liked about Devinci’s eBikes is the supple and active rear suspension platform. We’re happy to say that the new E-Troy retains that buttery plush rear end, however it’s quite a bit more progressive than the last bike we rode. This was very welcomed on drops to flat, bigger hucks or when it came time to send it deep – all things this bike loves to do. At 485mm, the reach is a little bit longer than our 5’11-6’ testers typically like on eMTBs, and it tends to make bikes feel heavier on the trail since the weight distribution of the bike sits further out in front, amplified by the weight of the battery. This means manuals, hops and other yanking movements require a bit more muscle, as do tight corners or quick direction changes. It’s far from a deal-breaker, however we did note the bike felt a bit planted when we wanted to get it up. Speeding up the rebound helped, and we look forward to possibly putting a higher rise bar to shift our body position up for more strength over the bike as well.

So far, we’ve been impressed with the latest generation and updates to the Devinci E-Troy. There are a lot of great characteristics about the bike and we look forward to spending more time aboard this bike as we dial it in even more for our riding style and terrain.

– The Loam Wolf

Beyond the reach length, which is highly personal, we felt the geometry on the E-Troy was great all around. We loved the seat tube angle and how it allowed us to really maximize the power of the Bosch Performance CX drive unit to climb very steep and technical trails with ease. We really like the battery size and Bosch drive unit, and Bosch’s Smart System integration is clean. It allows for a smaller, lighter battery for most rides as it manages energy use well, and if you want bigger capacity for the occasional epic, the range extender is easy enough to buy and keep around.

Weight: 54.8lbs (Large GX)

Words by Drew Rohde  |  Photos & Video by Brian Niles