No amount of snow or ice can stop this Chainsaw from ripping. Kenny Smith, Steve Vanderhoek and Jack Pelland put the new bike with a legendary name through its paces in the middle of winter. From the first lap on Mount Prevost’s frozen DH tracks the guys pushed the bikes hard in sketchy conditions. After firing up some of the North Shore’s heaviest moves in the middle of winter, they knew this bike could handle anything.  It’s a Chainsaw. Let ‘er rip.

Last minute tweaks.

Jack, Steve and Kenny getting up to speed on the Shore.

Letting it work.

February riding brought some unique challenges.

Stone Cold Steve Vanderhoek with the smack down.


The Chainsaw effect.

Fair weather riders need not apply.

Half machine, half a dream.

Hungry for more? Watch the behind the scenes and the first impressions of Jack, Kenny and Steve as they take the Chainsaws out for their first laps.

Videography: Brody Jones Action

Photography: Margus Riga

Special thanks to Tianna Smith and the Stevie Smith Legacy Fondation