A story away from home

Steve Vanderhoek was raised surrounded by beautiful Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. An area often referred to as the birthplace of freeride.  He has spent his lifetime honing his skills to be able to build and ride some of the Shore’s scariest features. But growing up one location always stood out as another pinnacle of freeride mountain biking to him: Virgin, Utah. From Red Bull Rampage to famous mind-blowing video parts, he has always dreamt of putting tires to dirt like the legends that came before him. 

Despite years of riding and training you must enter a new location humble, full of respect for the locals, and the builders that paved the way for you. With hopes of learning from their experience, Steve attempts to at least ride "Slightly Above Below Average" and come out the other end unscathed. 

Watch Vanderhoek, accompanied by his wife Kelsey behind the lens, as he experiences his first taste of Utah’s famous red dirt, unlike anything he has ridden before. From loose terrain to wind and heat this is a story of stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing any ego aside and chasing after those experiences that make you feel alive. 

Vidéo: Kelsey Toevs
Photo: Eric Hartley & Kelsey Toevs

Since watching the first rampage as a kid I have always wanted to get down to Utah. This trip was my bucket list destination! I have always favoured the steep, raw big mountain lines and was fired up to see how my skills would translate. I went down humble expecting to be humbled and the amount of humbling I received was next level.

– Steve Vanderhoek