Electric bicycles probably represent the most significant innovation of recent times in the bicycle industry. We're talking about an electric revolution, plain and simple. Have you ever hopped on an electric bike? If so, no need to convince you. If not, just imagine having more power, more fun, less fatigue, more laughs, and opening yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities thanks to this insatiable additional push. At Devinci, each electric bike is designed with the utmost attention to detail in terms of durability and safety. Our priority is your experience. Propel yourself to new summits in no time or conquer downtown’s steepest streets without hesitation.

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How to choose your ebike?

First, ask yourself what you will do with your bike. A weekend spin or a family outing? Or you're looking for the most distant trails and the highest peaks?

Need help untangling yourself with electrical jargon?

Wh (Watt-hour)

The number of watt-hours indicates the amount of energy in the bike's battery. So, more Wh = a longer distance covered on a single charge

Nm (Newton-metre)

The Newton-metre is a unit of measurement for the moment of force in the international system that you may be familiar with from other vehicles as torque. The higher the number, the faster the bike will accelerate for equal weight.

W (Watt)

The Watt is a unit of measurement indicating the power of the motor. The higher the wattage, the more effort the motor can consistently deliver.


The maximum distance, in kilometers, that you can travel with your bike in 'eco' mode.

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