The new Devinci E-Griffin is an urban commuter’s dream bike

Sometimes, the fast-and-furious world of e-bikes feels like a race to the bottom, and then there are companies like Devinci who step up and deliver a stylish and comfortable package with the new E-Griffin that raises the bar and restores faith in what an e-bike can and should be.

Hailing from the heart of Canada, this e-bike isn’t just a machine—it’s a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and the spirit of the city. It speaks to the contemporary rider, one who values quality, performance, and local craftsmanship.

We spent the last few weeks tooling around town on the E-Griffin and experiencing everything that this new e-bike has to offer. Here are the results.

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Comfort and performance often stand at two ends of a spectrum. Yet, with the E-Griffin, they come together in a beautiful symphony. The ergonomic grip coupled with a spring-loaded saddle and upright seating ensures that long rides feel like a breeze, even on the bustling streets of a city.

The E-Griffin comes in a range of sizes as well as a step-over and a step-through model.

Traffic and the urban environment in general can be unpredictable. One moment it’s a clear path; the next, it’s a sudden halt. The E-Griffin’s hydraulic disc brakes are designed to ensure riders can stop quickly, effectively, and safely. And for those city challenges that come unannounced, be it a pothole or a rough patch, the bike’s wide and puncture-resistant tires are ready to take on the challenge.

We loved the sweeping handlebars and dropper seat post that combined for a comfortable fit ensuring a great ride every time.

But, let’s talk about the inner workings of this gem.

The E-Griffin features some top-quality Shimano components everywhere it matters starting with the top-of-the-line Shimano EP801 motor, which is as powerful, as it is lightweight. This combined with the Shimano long-lasting 725 Wh battery offers a system that delivers both performance and reliability.

The bike has just three levels of pedal assist and is designed to create an authentic bicycle feel.

We felt very comfortable cruising around in the first level of assist at around 20 kilometers per hour and 25 kilometers per hour with the same effort level at the second level of assist. While the top “boost” level is just that, a fantastic burst of speed that will run the rider up any challenging hills.

Gear management is an art, and with E-Griffin’s 1x gearing system with nine speeds, it becomes delightfully simple. It offers a range that’s versatile, suited for diverse city terrains, be it uphill or a flat stretch. It ensures that riders spend less time worrying about gears and more time enjoying the ride.

After a few rides of the E-Griffin, it’s hard not to want to ride it. Yes, it would make an ideal commuter e-bike for those who can bring bikes inside the building or in a very secure indoor parking facility. It’s comfortable, simple to operate, and quite lovely to pedal. The shifting is so smooth, and the brakes are wonderfully efficient. We did not want to stop riding.

– Ron Johnson, reviewer at Momentum Magazine

In addition, the e-bike is great for neighborhood and long city jaunts thanks to a fantastic Shimano battery with a solid range. We also like that there is some green energy efficiency wrapped up in this particular battery that holds 30 percent more energy. Combined with the high level of comfort, the E-Griffin would make cross-town or out-of-town trips a breeze.

Just remember that this e-bike is expensive and a secure locking area is essential, ideally inside a home or a solidly built shed.

The battery is removable under the downtube, which isn’t the most convenient spot for a battery but adds to the sleek and simple appearance in addition to the internal cable routing.

Final Thoughts

To call the Devinci E-Griffin just an e-bike would be an understatement. It is a testament to what urban cycling in the 21st century represents—a blend of tradition and modernity, comfort and performance, art and engineering. For the urban commuter, for the city rider, for the explorer at heart, the E-Griffin promises a journey that’s easy and fun, efficient, and decidedly reliable. This Canadian bike brand has definitely raised the bar.

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