We made a new bike, and we think it's next to perfect. It handles like your favorite trail bike and climbs like it has a motor. It’s available in objectively cool colours. And it’s made in Canada. Introducing the all-new E-Troy Lite: it has a motor – a small one, but a good one.

Discover the E-TroyLITE



At 42.99lbs the E-Troy Lite is light. While it’s not “I can’t believe this thing has a motor” light, the bike feels perfectly balanced at all times. The power delivery is smooth. The suspension kinematic of the Split Pivot is specifically developed for mixed wheels and the added weight of the drive unit. This gives the bike a lively and natural feel, no matter where you point it.

We know there’s nothing magical about an e-bike: it’s a bike with a motor. But we believe there’s something special about a bike with a motor that rides like a bike without a motor. Take an E-Troy Lite out for a rip and see what you think. We think it could be the best bike we’ve ever made.


With their extra weight, eBikes generally feel more composed and faster while descending rougher terrain, and with the pedal assist they can get you up steep climbs you’d never think you’d be able to get to the top of. In short, e-MTB’s are generally faster. That’s why Devinci adapts the geometry of its e-MTB’s for the realities of e-Mountain biking. While maintaining similar reach numbers, e-MTB’s get a slightly slacker head angle for extra confidence while tackling demanding trail sections. The seat tube angle is steepened to help position the rider's body more towards the front of the bike, thus aiding in maintaining that extra speed and momentum while climbing. 

A slacker head tube angle enables unbeliveable confidence on the most technical terrain.

A steeper seat tube angle makes it easier for climbing steep trail sections.


Rear travel 150 mm
Front travel 160 mm
Wheel size Mixed-Wheel (27,5'' rear & 29'' front)
Rear tire clearance 27,5'' x 2.6”
Rear hub spacing 12 x 148 Boost
Max & min chainring clearance 38T - 32T
Chainline 55 mm
Derailleur hanger UDH™
Caliper mount 200 mm Post Mount
Max rear rotor size 220 mm
Seat tube diameter 31.6 mm ID / 34.9 mm OD
Dropper post length S → 150 mm / M → 170 mm / L → 200 mm / XL → 200 mm
Seatpost max insertion S → 240 mm / M → 270 mm / L → 300 mm / XL → 340 mm
Headset Top ZS44 | Bottom ZS56
Cable routing Internal
Rear shock dimension Trunnion | 185 x 55 mm
Rear shock hardware Top NA | Bottom 35 x 10 mm
Linkage bearing type Enduro™ double-lip sealed
Fork dimensions Axle-to-Crown measurement 571 mm / Offset 44 mm
Chain guide mount Low Direct Mount
Drive unit Bosch Performance Line SX | Smart System
Battery Bosch CompactTube 400 - 400Wh
Speed sensor Type Rotor magnet & dropout sensor
Frame material 6061-T6 Aluminum | Optimum G04


E-Troy Lite GX AXS 12s E-Troy GX 12s LTD
INTENDED USE E-All Mountain E-All Mountain
BATTERY Bosch CompacTube 400 | 400 Wh Bosch PowerTube 625 | 625 Wh
MOTOR Bosch Performance Line SX | Smart System | 55Nm | 250 W Bosch Performance Line CX | Smart System | 85Nm | 250 W
AVERAGE RANGE 40 km 94 km
FRONT TRAVEL 160mm 170mm
REAR TRAVEL 150mm 150mm
WEIGHT 19,50 kg / 42,99 lb 24,65 kg / 54,34 lb

What is the battery range?

A full charge will get you approximately 2 hours of riding, 1000 meters of climbing, and an average range of 40 km. Using mainly the ECO mode, the battery will deliver up to 67 km of range. Using primarily the TURBO mode, the system will provide a range of approximately 28 kilometers. The average speed, the assist mode, the weather, the wind, the rider's weight, and the frequency of stops are all factors that play a role in the energy consumption of the battery. For a more accurate estimate of the available range, use the Bosch Range Assistant.  

Can I instal a range extender?

Yes, the E-Troy Lite is compatible with Bosch's PowerMore 250. An additional bottle-sized battery that is compact and weighing 1.6 kg.

How much does it weigh?

From 19,50 kg / 42,99 lb

Is it UDH™ compatible?

Yes, the E-Troy Lite is compatible with Universal Derailleur Hanger and therefore, also compatible with Sram's latest Transmission drivetrain components.

What are the benefits of a mixed-wheel configuration?

Get all the snappy handling of a 27.5" wheel in the rear with the added traction, rollover and momentum of a 29" wheel up front.

Is the battery removable?

The Bosch CompactTube 400 battery is housed within the frame's downtube and is not removable on-the-fly. 

What is the estimated recharge time?

With the A4 charger, it will provide a 50% charge in approximately 90 minutes. A full charge will take about 3.5 hours.

With the A2 charger, it will provide a 50% charge in approximately 2.8 hours. A full charge will take about 6 hours.

What is the warranty on the E-Troy Lite?

The frame is covered by Devinci's ride in peace lifetime warranty. The bike's components are covered by the warranty policies of their respective manufacturers.

Is the Bosch smart system offered on all E-Troy Lite models?

Yes, the smart system comes standard on the Bosch Performance Line SX system of the E-Troy Lite.

What are the benefits of the Bosch smart system?

The Bosch smart system allows you to customize and decide on the level of support and motor dynamics, as well as the maximum torque and speed limit at which your E-Troy Lite will assist you. Thanks to connectivity through the Bosch eBike Flow app, you can fine-tune all the assistance modes according to your specific needs and much more.

Where can I find more information regarding Bosch's products?

Can I route the cables externally?

No, the cables are routed internally.

What is the tire clearance for the rear wheel?

27,5'' x 2.6''

Can I instal a rear shock with a longer stroke to gain more travel?

No, the E-Troy Lite was designed with a Trunnion 185 x 55mm shock. Fitting a shock with a different size will void your warranty.

What travel fork can I use on this bike?

The E-Troy Lite has been designed with a 160mm fork, and we do not recommend using a fork with more travel.

Can I install a 29'' rear wheel to make it full 29'' ?

No, the rear end of the E-Troy Lite was specificaly designed for a 27,5'' rear wheel. A 29'' rear wheel simply won't fit.